What Does A Quality Control Inspector Do?


Meta description: A quality inspector is critical in meeting companies' and consumers' satisfaction. The quality inspector will ensure that only excellent and functional products are shipped to your customers' locations.

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What Does A Quality Control Inspector Do?

As several manufacturing companies are being established, a quality control inspector ensures customers get quality products. Quality control is not limited to any sector and cuts across every manufactured good. Thus, each sector can communicate its standard to a quality inspector to improve work efficiency. The intensity of inspection also varies with companies, depending on the type of goods produced. Items like foods and drugs will require careful and intense examination. Nevertheless, working with quality inspectors with years of experience across different industries is an added advantage. Inspectors in this category are more likely to customize testing and scanning to meet companies' specific needs.

A quality inspector is critical in meeting companies' and consumers' satisfaction. If you have been having an issue with your supply chain or delivering high-quality products to end consumers, you need a professional quality inspector. The quality inspector will ensure that only excellent and functional products are shipped to your customers' locations. You may continue reading for more information.

Who is a Quality Inspector?

A quality inspector refers to individuals or organizations that monitor the quality of materials imported and exported from a manufacturing company. The process of quality inspection is wide. Its application depends on company requirements, product type, quantity, and regulatory standards. The end goal of quality inspection is to ensure products are safe for human consumption. Also, the quality inspector's duty extends to the packaging and transporting stages. This ensures the products are well-packaged and not damaged before reaching the destination.

Quality control inspectors always belong to the control audit team while implementing ways to gain customers' trust and loyalty. Thus, quality inspection duties also involve auditing. They also record every defect and its cause. This is to avoid the same problem arising in the future.

Role of a Quality Inspector

Below are the typical duties of a quality control inspector.

Understands the company's specification and blueprint.

Monitor the production process to ensure it meets company standards and requirements.

Properly assessed every product before shipping them.

Recommended new production process if subsequent defects are detected.

Reject products that need to meet the standard, and report observations to the right team.

Measures products with tools such as callipers and micrometers to ensure product consistency across the same batch.

Engage in the production at all phases, including pre-production and pro-production.

Monitors the satisfaction level obtained by customers and records every feedback.

Attributes of a Quality Control Inspector

If you are looking forward to hiring a quality inspector, there are specific attributes to look out for. These attributes confirm if you are making the best decision or not.

Educational Qualification

Some industries will request an educational proof before working for them, especially in technically demanding sectors. A high school diploma is often the average requirement, but a bachelor's degree can also be an added advantage. It may also require you to possess soft skills like Microsoft office and excel. Since the quality control industry is saturated, you want to prove you have exceptional presentation and documentation skills. You may also share your experience during your school years to back up your inbuilt attribute.


Consider getting a certificate from a recognized authoritative body. A certification helps prove that you have been tested and confirmed worthy of performing the task. You can take several computer-based exams online if you aspire to become recognized in the industry. An example is the International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC), among other professional courses.


Your technical skills should include a proper understanding of the production equipment and raw material components. A quality inspector should also possess good leadership skills. You must be able to train other employees on essential steps that guarantee smooth workflow.

Math skill is also essential, especially for product development. This helps to be more specific with calculations and measurements. An inspector should also have solid physical strength. It matters when you have to stand for a long time or lift heavy objects. Thus, most inspection companies ensure their workers are a good fit before allowing them into the system.

Benefits of Quality Control Inspectors

Every company willing to grow within its industry should consider running quality inspections. Established companies like Amazon pay attention to the importance of process control in their production. This is why an Amazon tester reports any found error to the audit department. Below are the importance of using a quality inspector.

Improving Production Efficiency

Production is successful when the raw materials and end products are in good condition. Thus, a quality control inspector will examine several elements affecting your production output. This includes working machinery, high-quality raw materials, a proper warehouse, and the availability of competent workers. Although quality inspectors may not partake in a company's recruitment, they can help identify when workers need to meet expectations. When all these things are in place, fewer resources will be required to achieve the company's goal.

Reduces Production Costs

A company can reduce its production cost by eliminating product damage or wastage. Thus, before reaching the production phase, a quality inspector checks the used samples. Also, quality control continues even during production. Reports from quality inspectors also help to avoid future wastage.

Promoting Business Growth

A business that wants to grow and establish a huge presence must be consistent with product quality. Sometimes, the fault is from suppliers who drop materials rate little by little. Manufacturers only notice this if the materials are passed through rigorous process control. A quality inspection can identify any error in supply, even at the slightest change. Even when a mistake happens, it is easily traceable. Companies that partner with stakeholders can also gain their trust by consistently creating high-quality products.

Create Better Work Environment

The quality control inspector ensures the working environment is safe for workers and products. It reduces hazards and risk practices while providing a smooth workflow. Also, a quality inspector ensures all resources are sorted and stored correctly.

Quality Control Inspector Work Environment

Although the work environment varies for companies, it must be conducive. However, inspectors in manufacturing companies usually use one workstation. This also depends on the work intensity. While some inspectors may need to move objects around, others do the job on their feet. Regardless of the job scope, an investor should work in an air-conditioned environment. This is mainly important for inspectors that work in companies with huge machinery since there will be noise pollution. Inspectors are also encouraged to wear protective gear like eye cover, especially when the body is sensitive to skin irritation.

How to Become a Quality Control Inspector

Companies can only trust you for quality inspection when you have qualifications and certificates to show for it. Quality inspector is also expected to have personal attributes such as time management, attention to detail, memory retention, and communication skills. However, some of these skills can be improved while working. It is much easier when you have a technical manufacturing education. You may also study some branches of quality control that require your impact. Examples are quality assurance, product supervision, quality consultant, and quality auditor. Even though these areas are different careers, the job scope often intertwines with quality inspection. Also, understanding how these fields work allows you to report to the right sector of the company.

The Best Quality Control Inspector

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